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About Us

A New Hollywood

Neon Mirage is a film production company founded with the goal of creating the most innovative and refreshing independent films in Las Vegas, Nevada. We aim to bring pure escape to the audience and take them to a world far beyond what contemporary Hollywood studios can achieve.  

By producing strong independent films with original storytelling, raw talent, and commercially-driven creativity, Neon Mirage will bring legitimacy to the entertainment industry in Las Vegas and make a statement not only to Hollywood but to the rest of the world. All upcoming productions, casting calls, and crew opportunities will be updated here.

The Founder

Daniel Ray

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, Daniel Ray attended film school at CSN in 2006 and began working as a freelance filmmaker, shooting documentaries, commercials, music videos, trailers and eventually feature films.  Over the years, he was able to develop his filmmaking skills in all areas of the production process, including camera operating, editing, visual effects, sound mixing, and line producing.


In 2013, Ray decided he had enough resources and understanding to make his own feature film, even without the need for a budget. He created Neon Mirage as his production company and eventually went on to write, direct, produce and  edit Heidi,  a found-footage feature film about a mysterious doll with an evil and supernatural presence. It was Paranormal Activity meet Child's Play. Heidi won multiple awards, including Best Nevada Film, Best Editing, and an Audience Choice Award, at the Underground PollyGrind Film Festival in 2014.  After the world premiere was over, Wild Eye Releasing has acquired distribution rights for Heidi in 2016 and was released nationwide in April 11, 2017. 

Daniel Ray currently have two film projects in development with one slated for pre-production in 2018.

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